INSTRUCTIONS TO THE APPLICANT: 1. Kindy go through the complete formthoroughly before filing itup. 2. It may be noted that ”APPLICANT” here refers to the MainPromoter/Partner who would runtheday todayoperations of the proposed Associate DeaIer 3. This application form should be filled in ENGLISH Language only, either by TYPING or inBLOCK LETTERS withBlackInk. 4. Allthefinancial informationmentioned should be in Rs. LACS. 5. Multiple locations can be applied for; Anapplicant must fill a separate application form for each location (A blank form can be photocopied for this purpose). All such applications should be sent withinthesame envelope. 6. All applications for the Associate dealership must be sent in the envelope provided. The LOCATION (S) applied for must be clearly mentioned at the top of the envelope. 7. If the space provided for giving the information is insufficient, then take photocopy of the relevant portions and attach as annexures clearly stating the section and subsection, which the information relates to.